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Surprise! This Travel Company Keeps Your Destination A Secret

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Are you spontaneous, love an element of surprise? Well, what about going on a getaway to a surprise location? This travel company will plan your entire trip, and they won’t tell you where you are going until just days before. Pack Up + Go is a travel agency with a twist.

How it works:

The customer, you, pick your budget and travel dates, list some travel preferences and provide your traveler information and voila, they take care of the rest. They have sent people to places all across the U.S., from New Orleans, LA to San Diego, CA they will research everything you need to know about your getaway.

They have a pretty happy customer base as well. I mean, look at the smiles on these traveler’s faces!

  1. Credit: http://www.packupgo.com
  2. Credit: http://www.packupgo.com
  3. Credit: http://www.packupgo.com
  4. Credit: http://www.packupgo.com


All of the trips are for three day weekends are passengers are fully equipped with an itinerary and places to visit during their getaway. The travel agency with a twist takes care of the planning and booking while you can sit back and relax. This also takes out the stress of deciding where to go and what you will do when you get there. Travelers are even sent the weather so they know what clothing to pack. The founders hope this will encourage people to travel more and see all parts of the country.

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