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Myth Or Truth? Justin Bieber Shapeshifted Into A ‘Reptile’ While Touring In Australia

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You love Justin don’t you? You’ve heard about it!

Reports said that Justin Bieber “shapeshifted into a reptilian” while greeting fans who had waited for him to arrive at Perth Airport, Australia, according to hundreds of witnesses who took to social media and were interviewed by local press after the incident.

Buzzfeed News earlier reported that Perth Now (an Australian publication) , said that “all hell broke loose” in the airport after Justin Bieber shapeshifted in front of his fans. “There were girls hiding in toilets, crying. Guys were running for the exits, jumping in taxis to get out of there.”

Perth Now briefly published an article about the incident on Sunday featuring multiple interviews with witnesses, however within an hour of publication the article was taken down and erased from the face of the internet – but not before alert readers captured screenshots of the article from Google.

Perth Now has not responded to questions about why they deleted the article from their website.

Although it would not be the first time a news outlet or social media platform was forced to censor content relating to celebrity reptilian shapeshifting, with Twitter notorious for deleting tweets and user accounts whenever a famous figure is seen in reptilian form by members of the public.

“Golden age of shapeshifting reptilian sightings”

The Perth Now article quoted witnesses that saw Bieber with eyes “with a black stripe down the middle” and “big scaly claws that were lashing out angrily.”

One traumatized fan with tickets for Bieber’s upcoming concerts claimed she “won’t be going to any now, no way.

Here’s one of those videos that claim to have allegedly seen Bieber to partially shape-shift

Here’s one of those videos that allegedly caught Bieber shapeshifting with his lizard eyes.

Here’s a screenshot of Perth Now

Reptile or not, this is still pretty scary!

Experts claim Bieber belongs to the Babylonian Brotherhood – a group of shapeshifting reptilian humanoids determined to control the world and usher in the New World Order.

Reptile GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

It is said that Justin Bieber, is allegedly a member of the dominant reptilian-Illuminati bloodline. He is becoming one of the most commonly-sighted shapeshifting reptilians in the world.

Two people watching the same scene will not necessarily both be able to discern the shapeshifting reptilian, however experts are saying that more people than ever before have developed the ability to witness reptilians manifest in their true form.

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