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8 Best Moments Of Wassabi Productions That Will Make You Laugh AF

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If you love surfing and checking out Youtube videos, you prolly have seen the videos of these two.

Roi Fabito and Alex Burriss first met in middle school in Durham, North Carolina. They used to live in the same neighborhood and eventually went to the same high school where they became best friends.

Wassabi used to be a tag team. As of now, Alex is handling the Wassabi Productions Youtube channel with his half as funny partner Roi Fabito who has his own channel now, Guava Juice.

How did Wassabi start?

One day, Roi asked Alex if he wanted to make a video with him. Alex eventually became a Wassabian. In 2006, they posted their videos in order to share them with their family and friends. Not only their family and friends loved their videos, but a lot of people from around the world did; their videos got a lot of views.

Originally, their YouTube channel was called hoiitsroi, but was later changed to Wassabi, which was inspired by a scene in Jackass The Movie when Steve-O stuck wasabi through his nostril. Roi loved the word “wassabi”, so he used it as his account username for a game called Starcraft, but he accidentally spelled it wrong by adding an extra “s”.

Where is Roi?

Roi decided to make his own gaming channel and started out his very own Guava Juice channel. The channel was called Aynakuitsroi back in 2006. He entrusted the Wassabi Channel to his bestfriend Alex and even had an emotional farewell video together.

Here are the best videos of Wassabi Productions that will make your day:

1. Totally useless but funny food hacks

2. The most functional back-to-school bag

3. How to look for a husband

4. The finger lift challenge! (that we thought is never possible)

5. When they tried to be as immature as ever. Can this kid stand it?

6. When they taught you how to make the best Nutella sandwich

7.  And how to relate school rules in life

8. How to deal with the biggest pimple ever

Watch more of Wassabi Production’s videos by visiting the Youtube page here. 🌈

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